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About IMPACT Kenya

IMPACT is a collective force championing Indigenous rights and self-determination. We secure communal land tenure, enact inclusive policies, foster sustainable livelihoods and ecosystems, safeguard traditional wisdom, and cultivate partnerships across shared landscapes in northern Kenya.


Creating a secure, just, and inclusive society for Indigenous Peoples in Kenya.


Empowering Indigenous Peoples in Kenya to secure their well-being, safety, and identity.


We take responsibility for our actions, statements, and results within our areas of expertise. We welcome constructive criticism and meaningful consultations to achieve our objectives.


We value diversity as it enriches our perspectives, fosters innovation, and strengthens our ability to accomplish our mission. We strive to recruit a diverse group of individuals, regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, or sociocultural background, to ensure everyone feels included and appreciated in our collective efforts.


We operate with honesty, transparency, and high moral standards based on community values.


We recognize and value the dignity and worth of all individuals involved in our endeavors. Therefore, we treat them with respect and courtesy to achieve our goals.


We unite our diverse experiences and expertise, leveraging collective action to advance our mission.

Together, we make an impact.

Stand in solidarity with Indigenous peoples for land rights, sustainable livelihoods, and cultural preservation.