The Caravan Camping Affair

The Camel Caravan walk came to an end on Thursday the 23rd of June with so many experiences and lessons, the 5-day walk included camping in communities at night which was fun. As an outdoor accommodation, socializing was part of it with entertainment and

sharing of experiences by people from different areas, engaging them fully about the issue of the common shared resources. Those from upstream and downstream got a chance to share valuable insights while socializing, this would eventually help stimulate responsible management of resources in a sustainable way.

There were adequate hired tents, however, some challenges were faced during camping concerning the status of the tents. The tents were not in very good condition with several old ones that are torn or broken, some were however good. That resulted in some very cold nights and flooded tents when it rained, people eventually ended up sleeping in classrooms at Olmaisor primary school whose administration was kind enough to come to our aid upon request.


It was an honor to be hosted by the school and given a place to sleep, despite being on a weekday with pupils expected early in the morning, it was a good sign of a great hospitable community and recognition of the noble work the Camel Caravan walk is doing, together with the teachers and pupils we took the initiative of planting trees at the school before we left the following morning.


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